Scale-up Synthesis of New-Generation Chiral Cyclobutane-based Bisphosphane Ligands

This research project deals with the development of the next generation of a set of chemicals on an industrial scale that form a catalyst in conjunction with a metal. The new catalysts are intended to be employed by Digital Specialty Chemicals’ customer in the manufacture of plasticizers, paints, and detergents. The intern will focus on the optimized chemical synthesis of critical components toward the final products, as well as the identification of commercially more viable options in terms of solvents used for the process. The new design of the target compounds of this project is expected to lead to more chemically-efficient and cost-effective processes, which will help solidifying Digital’s position as the main supplier of this product series for their customer.

Paul Demay-Drouhard
Faculty Supervisor: 
Thomas Baumgartner
Partner University: