Scaling up CO2 electrocatalysis

CERT has developed a technology to convert carbon dioxide into chemicals using water and renewable electricity in a system called a CO2 electrolyzer. They are scaling up this technology as part of the Carbon XPRIZE competition, a global race to find new technologies to make valuable products from CO2. CERT will take the CO2 from a natural gas power plant in Alberta and convert it into ethylene, a chemical building block used to make everything from plastics to textiles and cosmetics.
Interns from the University of Toronto will join the team and work on improving the carbon conversion technology. Through this work, the team will demonstrate the worlds largest CO2 electrolyzer. This research provides a path towards preventing climate change by converting CO2 into useful products.

Jonathan Edwards;Colin O’Brien;Joshua Wicks;Jehad Abed;Armin Sedighian Rasouli
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ted Sargent;David Sinton
Partner University: