Scheduling and Routing of Personal Support Workers at Nucleus Independent Living Co

This project aims to propose a decision support tool for Nucleus Independent Living that optimizes the scheduling of clients visits, the assignment of PSWs to clients, and the routing of the daily visits of each PSW while trying to minimize the traveling distances for the PSWs, the number of different PSWs visiting a client, and the inequality between the PSWs’ workload (in terms of the number of client visits assigned and the distance traveled). The decision support tool allows the organization to do the scheduling and routing piece faster and with less human intervention, which results in less risk of human error, better-quality decisions, and higher satisfaction among PSWs and clients. This research provides evidence to the organization’s decision-makers concerning the efficiency of practice for PSWs and workload equity, and patient satisfaction by considering clients’ preferences in choosing their visit hours and the gender of the PSW(s) who serve them.

Peyman Varshoei
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jonathan Patrick;Onur Ozturk
Partner University: