Sediment Removal Frequency Optimization for Wet-Detention Stormwater Management Ponds

Sediment build-up in stormwater management ponds decreases their overall capacity to hold water and reduces their efficiency, in terms of controlling pollution. For this reason, and in order to comply with government regulations, municipalities must remove the sediment periodically. Determining when maintenance is required is difficult because it depends on a number of factors, and the actual cost of sediment removal from a wet pond is difficult to predict. The results obtained from this internship will directly benefit the Town of Richmond Hill in determining the schedule of maintenance activities for their wet ponds, potentially providing cost-savings to the municipality. The Sernas Group will benefit from the developed sediment loading model, which they will be able to utilize in future similar projects in Ontario. 

Rishon Richard
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Darko Joksimovic