Signal/Noise analyzer for EM Telemetry tool

he ultimate objective of this project is to design and develop a signal/noise analyzer to improve the reliability and efficiency of EM-based measurement-while-drilling (MWD) tool within various strata formation under high temperature, deep drilling environment. In order to analyze the received signal contaminated by surface and underground noise, it is essential to understand the electrical and magnetic field behavior with respect to rock formation and the transmitted signal properties including frequency, amplitude, and phase. In this regard, the main focus of this research project is dedicated to study, analysis and simulation of electrical properties of the underground strata formation in drilling environment such as conductivity, dielectric constant, permeability, permittivity, and resistivity. This four-month project includes research and study on previous works and literatures; papers, patents and textbooks and modeling, and computer simulation of induced current penetration under different drilling environments.

Neda Moazen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. John Nielsen
Project Year: