Silicone-mounted fiber-Bragg grating sensor for cardiac pulse-waveform monitoring

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major cause of morbidity and mortality internationally. Current CVD diagnostics are limited to basic tools that provide a generalized number without quantitative indication of overall health, such as blood pressure, or lifestyle risk scores. More invasive diagnostic imaging can be done, but at great cost to the healthcare system. We have developed a basic optical device capable of non-invasively studying the cardiac pulse-waveform, thus potentially allowing for direct measures of cardiovascular risk and health. In this project, we will expand on the functionality of this system by optimizing design for anatomical application, and extending functionality through the integration of multiple sensors in a single system. This improved functionality should allow for a system ready to potentially be used in general observational clinical trials to study potential clinical utility.

Joel Ramjist
Faculty Supervisor: 
Victor XD Yang
Partner University: