Simulation and Design of Next Generation Single Photon Sensors

Photons are particles of light. While countless numbers are emitted from a light source to illuminate a room, sensitive electronics can detect light down to the level of a single photon. These electronic devices, known as single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs), use a process that triggers an avalanche of electrical charges, which can be measured as an electrical current. SPADs have applications in next generation camera systems, autonomous vehicles, and even quantum information processing. In this project, student interns will work in partnership with Ansys to investigate the challenges of combining many SPADs into a sensor array. This research may lead to improved behavioural models that can be incorporated into advanced simulation tools, accelerating the next generation of device designs.

Liang Xie;Kurtis Raymond
Faculty Supervisor: 
Fabrice Retiere
British Columbia
Partner University: