Smart Based Socks for Wound Prevention and Management

Lower extremity wounds are painful wounds in the legs and feet that can result from immobility (e.g. secondary to Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury), peripheral vascular disease and/or diabetes. They are slow to heal and cause immense pain and suffering. These wounds can cause infections, may lead to amputations, and in more severe cases, death. These wounds impact an individual’s ability to engage in their daily activities and impact the individual’s quality of life. Many people living with diabetes are unable to feel changes in their feet. Being able to sense pressure and changes in skin temperature may help prevent these wounds from occurring. This project will develop socks that will sense pressure and temperature changes in the feet, to help alert individuals to engage in behaviours that will prevent wounds from occurring.

Pardis Ghahramani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hani Naguib;Sharon Gabison
Partner University: