A smart multi-level heat stress management and monitoring platform

Heat stress is a deadly occupational hazard that is projected to increase in severity with global warming. While upper limits for heat stress designed to protect all workers have been recommended by occupational safety institutes for some time, heat stress continues to compromise health and productivity. The continuing detrimental effects of heat stress may be partly explained by the inability of existing guidelines to consider individual factors (e.g., age, sex, health status, work duration) that can modify an individual’s tolerance to a given heat stress. To minimize the continuing detrimental effects of occupational heat stress on health and productivity, our proposed project is directed at developing an advanced heat management and monitoring platform that will provide an individualized approach to occupational heat stress management. Using a more target approach to monitor workers during work in the heat we can protect worker health and maximize productivity. Using simplified language understandable to a layperson, provide a general, one-paragraph description of the proposed research project to be undertaken by the intern(s) as well as the expected benefit to the partner organization.

Emily Teztlaff;Kelli King;Fergus O'Connor
Faculty Supervisor: 
Glen Kenny
Partner University: