Smarter Microelectronics Packaging for Performance Scaling

This research project will investigate materials and process behaviors in microelectronic packages that are become increasingly dense and explore novel alternatives to accommodate such densities. When more components are placed and interconnected with each other in smaller and smaller spaces, traditional materials and methods for package assembly become difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. By characterizing and understanding the changes that occur at these reduced dimensions, the interns will work to propose smarter approaches to using existing and replacement materials and processes in order to produce next generation packaging solutions with higher performance, higher reliability, lower energy consumption and more competitive costs, thus positioning the industrial partner IBM Canada, as well as other players in the Canadian microelectronics eco-system, to maintain or grow their global presence in the microelectronics field, a field which the world is becoming increasingly dependent upon in our day to day lives, be it for better smartphones, improved healthcare or analyzing massive amounts of information.

Rémy Béland, Charlotte Mallet, Patrick Wilson & TBD
Faculty Supervisor: 
Julien Sylvestre
David Danovitch
Dominique Drouin
Project Year: