Social welfare systems analysis of road capacity expansion options

Cintra Canada Inc. has conducted several research studies on the advantages of implementing managed lanes (lanes where operational/management strategies are implemented in response to varying travel demand/supply conditions) with the focus on the travel speeds, road capacity, and air quality benefits. However, no study to date, has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the system-wide welfare benefits/costs of managed lanes. Cintra, as one of the major providers of managed lanes in North America, is eager to understand the fundamental and broader implications of various managed lane options. With the help of three intern-students and through the partnership between Cintra Canada and the PI (Omid M. Rouhani), we will examine the system-wide impacts of managed lanes projects, taking into account various pricing options (fixed, time-varying, and dynamic tolls), funding options (general taxes or user fees), and types of provision (private or public).

Kotaro Sasai
Faculty Supervisor: 
Omid Rouhani
Partner University: