Sodium Manganese Oxide Coated with Polymers as Zinc and Sodium Dual Ions Battery Cathode

Rechargeable aqueous zinc sodium dual-ions batteries are considered as alternatives of lithium ion batteries because of their safety and low-cost. As an available cathode for the zinc sodium dual-ions batteries, sodium manganese oxide (NMO) shows relatively high specific discharge capacity. Polyaniline (PANI) is promising for coating NMO to stabilize the NMO system because it can supress the crystalline structure collapse. Metanilic acid is promising for doping PANI to increase the conductivity of PANI. In this research, we will modify different parameters such as the molar ratio of Na and Mn, the weight percentage of PANI coated on NMO to obtain better cycling performance than bare N

Yan Wu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Pu Chen
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