Software Defined Security Orchestrator for Content Delivery Networks

Denial of service attacks deny a service, such as visiting a website or access to a network, by deliberately congesting the server or the network resources. In addition to delivering digital contents to end-users, content delivery networks (CDNs) are supposed to protect the content origins, such as Netflix or Amazon Video, against denial of service threats. However, denial of service attacks not only evade a CDN’s protection but also exploit its resources to damage content providers and the CDN itself. As such, traditional security mechanisms are no longer sufficient. This proposal presents the design and implementation of a security orchestrator that protects a CDN and its content providers using more sophisticated and more effective techniques. In collaboration with our partner, Ericsson Canada, we aim at building a system that provides an improved defense compared to traditional approaches.

Milad Ghaznavi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Raouf Boutaba
Partner University: