Software development for beam-type structures' reliability analysis

Reliability analysis of structures is crucial to ensure efficient operations in industrial assets. Nowadays, industries benefit from condition monitoring (CM) equipment to evaluate their products' health. Current commercial reliability software can not accurately analyze the reliability of structures under time-varying conditions. The intern has previously developed an algorithm for accurate reliability analysis of different structures. We have also validated that algorithm for bearings under time-varying working conditions. However, we need more validation tests to commercialize our algorithm. In this project, first, we will validate our existing algorithm, and then we develop a user-friendly graphical interface for our algorithm along with a users' manual, which will be a huge step forward towards bringing our algorithm from Lab to market. Taking part in the Lab2Market program and participating in Mitacs Accelerate will foster the growth of innovative technologies within the Canadian economy as well.

Sajad Saraygord Afshari
Faculty Supervisor: 
Xihui Liang
Partner University: