Soil productivity and soil health status following restoration of pipeline corridors on Agricultural Land Reserve cropland in northeastern British Columbia

Oil and gas exploration and development in northeastern British Columbia contributes to the Province’s economy, but also results in disturbance of cropland due to construction of pipelines within the Agricultural Land Reserve. Currently, there is no long-term monitoring of cropland productivity on reclaimed pipeline footprints. The proposed research addresses priorities of the British Columbia Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society (BC OGRIS) by assessing and quantifying the long-term impacts of pipeline construction on cultivated ALR lands. This is consistent with the 2018 interim report of the BC Minister of Agriculture’s Advisory Committee for Revitalizing the Agricultural Land Reserve and the Agricultural Land Commission, which recommended immediate action to mitigate the impacts of oil and gas activity in the ALR. TO BE CONT'D

Inoka Amarakoon;Clemence Muitire
Faculty Supervisor: 
Francis Zvomuya
Partner University: