Soil-structure interaction and design limit states for large-span Ultra-Cor steel bridges

Arched culverts are widely used nowadays as a solution for numerous roadways and railways overpassing as they are cheaper and easy to construct in comparison to conventional concrete and steel bridges. The current study involves three-dimensional numerical simulation for three full-scale field monitored large-span arched culverts (including the largest span arched culvert in the world of 32 m). The verified numerical model will then be used to investigate the impact of several parameters such as the supported soil and truck loading on performance of large span culverts. The results from this study will be used to develop design guidelines and recommendations for large-span arched culverts. Lastly, the validated numerical model will be utilized in investigating different methods to strengthen the large-span culverts in addition to simulating the welded connections between the segments of the culvert and demonstrate their impact on the performance of the culvert.

Kareem Embaby
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hesham El Naggar
Partner University: