Solar-driven H2 production by photovoltaic-electrochemical water splitting

Presently, it is significant to reduce CO2 emission and other greenhouse gas emissions. One of the major CO2 emission contributors is transportation sector. To reduce emissions and achieve a zero-emission society, the use of H2 as a fuel in ground, air, and marine transportation, a feedstock in petrochemical industry, and an energy carrier for energy storage is one of the most promising and environmentally benign option. Rather than using traditional and emissions-intensive steam methane reforming and coal gasification for H2 production, this proposed project will integrate solar cell with an electrolyzer to produce H2 by electrochemical water splitting. To lower the operating and capital costs, a new electrolyzer will be designed using noble metal-free and bifunctional electrocatalysts. In conclusion, a solar energy-driven and low-cost water splitting and H2 production device will be developed as a result of this proposed research project.

Nasim Mia
Faculty Supervisor: 
Yulin Hu
Prince Edward Island
Partner University: