SOTI SNAP Widget Enhancement

SOTI has developed a software product called SOTI SNAP that allows anyone to create an app with no programming or technical knowledge. SOTI SNAP allows users to create apps by dragging and dropping widgets onto a canvas and connecting them together to create an app. The research problem to be addressed is to solve customer challenges by first understanding what the customer is asking for, then research on what is the best way to meet their needs, and finally, create brand new or enhance existing widgets so anyone can use them easily and effectively. The objective of the research is to take SOTI SNAP widgets to the next level of usefulness by creating new and updated widgets that will excite and delight SOTI’s customers without a single line of code.

Yuhan Wang;Weijia Sun
Faculty Supervisor: 
Yashar Ganjali;Fanny Chevalier
Partner University: