Spatial variation in the foraging and nutritional ecology of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) in the Kivalliq region

This research project will examine the diets of two geographically separate populations of Arctic char in proximity to the communities of Rankin Inlet and Naujaat, Nunavut. Using methods of stomach content, stable isotope, and highly branched isoprenoid analysis, we will determine whether the diets differ between the two separate populations. In addition, we will explore multiple quantitative and qualitative methods such as chromatography and the use of colour palettes to determine whether Arctic char diet has an influence on their flesh colour. This project came to fruition as research priorities arose within communities across the Kivalliq region surrounding Arctic char diet and flesh colour. As the objectives of this project were formulated through a bottom-up approach, community members will also be consulted on the matter to incorporate an aspect of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ), or Inuit traditional knowledge.

Connor Faulkner
Faculty Supervisor: 
David Yurkowski;Gail Davoren
Partner University: