Spectroscopic optical coherence tomography for ageing assessmentof high voltage transformer insulation

We will develop an algorithm that uses subsurface images obtained by spectroscopic optical coherence omography (OCT), to estimate the remaining lifetime of high voltage transformer insulation paper. To allow uture almost instantaneous in-field estimation during transformer maintenance outages, this algorithm when sed with, e.g., a fiber-based spectroscopic OCT, should produce results in less than 5 seconds. Using existing ptical hardware, we will build a benchtop spectroscopic OCT setup to image both synthetically and in-field ged transformer insulation paper samples. Textural features from these images will be used to estimate the emaining operational lifetime of insulation paper based on changes to its subsurface morphology.

Biniyam Kahsay Mezgebo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sherif Sherif
Partner University: