Stability and Functionality of Oleosome-Containing Mixtures

The stability of commercial ingredient emulsions is hugely important to the end-user. To that end, Botaneco’s oleosome-containing emulsions are characterized by the absence of changes over time in physical parameters such as particle size, pH and colour. Botaneco’s Hydresia® and CapsolTM products, which contain safflower and almond oleosomes, exhibit proven physical stabilities of up to two years. In order to diversify its range of ingredient product lines and to expand the potential target market, Botaneco aims to achieve similar stabilities for emuslions of oleosomes extracted from commodity seeds. This Mitacs-sponsored research collaboration seeks to harness the expertise of Prof Nickerson’s group in protein chemistry to better understand the link between an emulsion’s phystcal stability and its functionality as a food ingredient.

Saskia Tersteeg
Faculty Supervisor: 
Michael Nickerson
Partner University: