Stem cell therapy for fetlock inflammation in horses

Osteoarthritis (OA) in horses is a major equine welfare problem. We propose that use and ongoing optimization of biologic therapies that have no adverse affects on joint tissues is an imperative for the racing industry. In humans with OA, the injection of stem cells produced durable long-term cartilage for up to 7 years. In Europe, two equine stem cell products have recently been approved to treat equine fetlock OA, but these products suffer from short shelf life or low cell numbers. eQcell has developed a new product that will not have these shortcomings and the sustained release formulation is expected to provide better pain management as well. The product will provide sustained pain management and do away with the need for daily medication, which is often done inconsistently leading to cycles of repeated pain and lost training days.

Rodrigo Munevar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Judith Koenig
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