Strategic Decision Making in Adversarial Planning applied for Used Water Management

This research proposal is in the field of decision making under uncertainty. More specifically, we focus upon improving decision making in adversarial, stochastic and/or partially observable situations. In any situation where there is more than one agent that can impact its current state, or any variable that is outside the control of the agent, we are in the presence of adversarial planning. Failing to recognize the impact of other agents on a situation leads to suboptimal solution. Thus, finding a good solution to a problem in adversarial planning can lead to important shift in decision making paradigm and is of relevance for many fields of research. More specifically, we focus upon improving the decision making applied in the field of municipal used water management. The long term objective of this research program is to provide an adversarial decision making platform for researchers and practitioners to facilitate the decision making process. As we have 2 partners in this project, both have convergent yet slightly different interests. For our municipal partner, their interest lies at the improvement of their current situation regarding the evaluation of different decisions.

Zhen WU
Faculty Supervisor: 
David Lupien St-Pierre
Project Year: