Structural Health Monitoring of Rebecca Street Bridge

Cole Engineering Group Ltd. is conducting rehabilitation for the Rebecca Street Bridge (William Anderson Bridge) located in the Town of Oakville. The four-lane steel girder bridge with a composite concrete deck was constructed in 1961 over the Sixteen Mile Creek. The bridge also spans over Water Street, parking lots and a rowing club storage facility. Ryerson University, along with a graduate student proposes to engage in the Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of the Rebecca Street Bridge using the MIRA 3D Shear Wave Tomographer. The MIRA 3D shear wave Tomographer provides three-dimensional location of flaws or regions of deterioration within structural members. This project will conducted by Ryerson University and Cole Engineering to provide the Town of Oakville with a new and effective monitoring technique and management strategy that will not only be used on this bridge, but can be implemented on virtually any bridge structure.

Canon Shafieyan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Hesham Marzouk
Project Year: