Structural optimization of a conformable pressure tank with membrane loading

Due to abundant reserves and environmental cleanliness, natural gas has introduced the environmentally friendly vehicles - natural gas-powered vehicles (NGVs), which have the potential of providing a solution to air quality problems. However, low volumetric energy density of natural gas results in NGVs’ short-range driving, inhibiting them from widespread adoption. A conformable pressure tank is considered as a solution to the issues of energy density and onboard fuel storage capacity and therefore, the driving range for NGVs. Driven by this, KSR is developing a conformable pressure tank with membrane loading, with which it is able to efficiently withstand internal pressure via membrane response while further utilizing the available fuel storage space. To accelerate this promising technology into commercialization, it is necessary to examine its safety and reliability as well as rooms to optimize its structure. Therefore, this research is concentrated on achieving an optimal structure that is safe and reliable but light-weighted for a conformable pressure tank with membrane loading.

Ahmadreza Vasel-Be-Hagh, Haoyang Cen, Sara Alhasan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. David Ting
Project Year: