Study of effect of therapeutic ultrasound device on dentoalveolar structure in dogs


The proposed project will research the therapeutic effects of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on dentoalveolar structure on dogs.  The main research problems to be addressed by this project are: (1) study the effects of LIPUS (Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound) on the tooth root tissues (cementum and pulp) when moved orthodontically, and (2) study the effects of LIPUS on the alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments when moved orthodontically. For this research, custom manufactured LIPUS dental devices will be utilized on dogs for 20 minutes daily over a two-month period. The results will then be analyzed and interpreted.  The expected outcomes will assist the sponsor organization to guide its product development and market strategy.

Saleh Al-Daghreer
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Tarek El-Bialy