Study of the interaction of gold with organic additives in thiosulfate leaching solution

The mining industry represents a large part of the economy in Canada. Ontario is the largest producer of gold in the nation, producing 53% of Canada's total minerals production in 2007 [1]. Despite its high toxicity, cyanide is commonly employed in the extraction of gold from its ore. Its use represents an environmental hazard due to possible leakage or spills into soil and groundwater causing destructive ecological effects in the surrounding areas. Several environmental accidents around the world have been reported due to the ttse of cyanide in gold mining. The objective of this research is the study and development of alternative technologies to replace the existing ones where the use of cyanide is required. The benefits from this project for the industrial partner and Ontario are two-fold: economic benefits from the production of gold and environmental benefits from the replacement of cyanide by an environmentally friendly technology.

Janet Baron-Gavidia
Faculty Supervisor: 
D. Jacek Lipowski