A Study of Network Traffic for Attack Modelling and Simulation

The rapid propagation of Internet into nearly every aspect of our daily life, together with the increase in volume and sophistication of network attacks, puts a special emphasis on the security of network systems. Currently, security modeling and simulation is one of the widely acknowledged methods for network security evaluation. However, in spite of its fundamental role, the information and communication security domain still lacks the sound and comprehensive tools for assessment of network system state. This internship with Q1Labs, a network security management company, proposes to build a simulator - a tool which allows simulation of attacks and ’what-if’ scenarios to identify security loopholes and assess preparedness. The proposed simulator is of great interest to network administrators. Using this simulator the network administrator would be able to visualize attack scenarios and plan for response strategies before the attack occurs, substantially improving the survivability of the network.

Iosef-Viorel Onut
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Ali A. Ghorbani
New Brunswick