Sulfur deportment in ferronickel production via Rotary Kiln-Electric Furnace process

Pyrometallurgical processes have long been used for producing ferronickel alloy. Rotary kiln – Electric furnace (RKEF) is one of the most important technologies for producing ferronickel. The process involves partial reduction of the ore in the rotary kiln with the addition of fuels and reductants. During the process, some impurities present in the fuels and reductants are introduced to the rotary kiln product (clacine). The presence of impurities, especially sulfur would significantly affect physical and mechanical properties of product. This project aims at investigating sulfur deportment in the RKEF process by employing various fuels and reducing agents as well as regulating the conditions in the rotary kiln. Due to the fact that sulfur content in the crude ferronickel can be up to 1%, refining process is necessary to reduce the percentage of sulfur in the ferronickel. TO BE CONT'D

Sahand Sarbishei
Faculty Supervisor: 
Leili Tafaghodi
British Columbia
Partner University: