Supporting Social Inclusion and Well-Being in Metro Vancouver

Social relationships are important for our physical and mental health. In 2012, the Vancouver Foundation conducted a survey to measure how connected and engaged residents are in Metro Vancouver. They found that 1 in 4 Metro Vancouver residents report being alone more often than they would like. Of even greater concern, 1 in 10 residents report they do not have someone they can depend on well enough to ask for help. The overarching objective of this study is to evaluate and support social inclusion, well-being and community involvement in neighbourhoods across Metro Vancouver. The findings from this study will identify neighbourhoods where United Way may want to focus their efforts and provide recommendations to support social inclusion in the communities in Metro Vancouver and across Canada.

Kate Hosford
Odilia Dys-Steenbergen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Stephen Wright
Meghan Winters
British Columbia
Partner University: