A survey of mental health in medical marijuana users in Vancouver, Canada.

The Canadian Mental Health Association states that all Canadians will indirectly be affected by mental health at some time in their lives through a family member, friend, or colleague and that 20% of Canadians will be affected personally. Most conditions are treated with pharmaceuticals that often come with unwanted side effects. Many patients have starting looking for alternatives from “big pharma” medications and in this search have found medical marijuana to be helpful. Medical marijuana can be used for a wide variety of different medical conditions, but the large majority of patients use medical marijuana for its psychological effects, such as for anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia. Though there is research supporting many of its benefits, the role of cannabis in mental health is still unclear and therefore requires further investigation. TO BE CONT'D

Jade Yau
Peter Alexander
Alex Cheng
Faculty Supervisor: 
Alasdair Barr
British Columbia
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