A sustainable electrochemical process for elimination of synthetic microfibers

Humans ingest over 50,0000 microplastic-particles every year. The main contributor to microplastic contamination is synthetic-fiber. One lo laundry load can release an average of 700,000 microplastic fibers. Wastewater treatment plants cannot catch all these microfibers, so they end in the oceans. New regulations, which require washing machine manufactures to implement microfiber filtration system are going to start on 2024. Viridis is a cleantech company addressing urgent global water pollution challenges from microplastics to harmful contaminants by eliminating them from water. VEOX electrochemical filters can be used both at scale in commercial washing machine markets, as well as in individual households for consumers within the homecare products market. With the support of MITACS, Viridis can accelerate the development, and commercialization of the first unit This project aims to solve different scientific question related to microfiber quantification, electrochemical degradation, and fluid-dynamic to allow the company accelerates the prototype design and future commercialization.

Claudia V Montoya Bautista;Svetlana Chen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Neil Branda
British Columbia
Partner University: