Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing for Resource Sector Applications

Maintenance, repair, and longevity of operations in the natural resources sector continues to be a major operational priority for the sector. The sector spends more than $3B per annum on maintenance and repair issues, and when parts or equipment fails, the sector loses at least an additional $5 to $7B in revenue. The proposed project is a collaborative research effort among three academic researchers, six interns, and InnoTech Alberta – the industry partner – to develop sustainable materials and manufacturing strategies that will support preventative maintenance with advanced, high-strength materials, robust repair protocols based on advanced manufacturing, and reduce dependence on new materials by sustainably integrating reused materials into a novel additive manufacturing process. The research project will be structured on development of metallic and composite consumables for wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) applications, production of large-scale, free-form components using WAAM, and design of novel wear resistant composite overlay materials. Through this combination of expertise and topical research thrusts, the team will produce alloy consumables for WAAM applications, fully optimized additively manufactured components for use in the mining and oil & gas sectors, and novel carbide metal matrix composite materials for wear protection.

Jesse O'Sullivan;Leo Russell Moore;Sophie Barwick
Faculty Supervisor: 
André McDonald;Rafiq Ahmad;Leijun Li
Partner University: