Synthesis and Evaluation of Reversible Covalent-Binding AntiCancer Drugs

Designing new anticancer agents using structure based drug design and the 3D structure of the biological targetis becoming an increasingly important field of study. The main objective of this project is to develop and identifyanticancer drug candidate(s) for advanced preclinical testing, with the end goal of identifying drug candidatessuitable for clinical trials and commercialization. Currently, we have synthesized several novel drug candidatesdesigned to mitigate the increased toxicological effects observed in a significant proportion of patients receivingcurrent therapies. Meanwhile we will also investigate whether our designer molecules will have enhancedanticancer properties over similar anticancer agents during early phase pre-clinical testing. This research projectwill provide a better understanding on how our designer molecules behave as anticancer agents.

Billy Vuong
Faculty Supervisor: 
Geoffrey Tranmer
Partner University: