Synthesis of Arabinoxylan and Furfurals from Oat Hulls

The proposed research aims at overcoming the issues with oat hulls waste management by developing green processes for its conversion to higher value chemicals. The intern will be investigating hydrothermal extraction and microwave assisted hydrolysis system for the extraction of hemicellulose and its conversion to arabinoxylan and furfurals. Richardson Milling Limited (RML) is a global leader in oat milling. Richardson Milling whole grain oat groats are produced by cleaning, dehulling and kiln toasting high quality raw oats. Raw oat may contain in an average 25% hulls and could vary between 20 – 36%. The hulls represent a significant volume of by-product from oat milling operations. Currently, the oat hulls are of low value and incurs additional cost to Richardson for its safe disposal. The efficient and environmentally friendly methods for handling oat hulls and its conversion to higher value products will greatly enhance the sustainability of oat milling operations.

Farid Safari
Faculty Supervisor: 
Bishnu Acharya
Partner University: