Synthesis of Degradable CO2-Based Polymers for Water Treatment

Carbon dioxide is produced from the combustion of fossil fuels and as a by-product of many chemical processes. The increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has now been decisively linked to global climate change. The use CO2 as a carbon-building block has attracted much attention due to its low cost, ease availability, and its potential to substitute fossil fuel-based feedstocks, in addition to the clear positive environmental effect of removing it from the atmosphere. In this project, we plan to make capture CO2 and polymerize it with epoxides and other derivatives to produce functionalized polycarbonates. The synthesis of more diverse CO2-based copolymers is an important and challenging research and development topic, with clear positive economic and environmental applications. The functionalization of this class of polymers can further leverage the application of CO2 as a feedstock for a wider range of applications.

Raquel Pereira Reolon
Faculty Supervisor: 
Joao Soares
Partner University: