Synthesis of functionalized pyrimidines through use of the Blaise reaction

Pyrimidines are a key and increasingly popular part of many biologically and pharmaceutically important components. This project will endeavor to develop a new and efficacious synthesis of versions of these molecules which would otherwise be difficult to produce. A key part of the revenue stream for Snieckus Innovations is the sale of molecules such as these for use as building blocks in the chemical industry – most usually in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sciences. A facile and efficient synthesis of appropriate pyrimidines would provide an advantage to our catalogue over competitors who would not possess such molecules. As a startup company Snieckus Innovations needs every advantage it can find in the marketplace to differentiate itself from the (mostly overseas) competition. The inclusion of these compounds in our library will provide such an advantage and enable Snieckus Innovations to continue growing and establishing itself as a leader in the synthesis of difficult molecules and in the development of methods for these syntheses.

Johnathan Board, Ashishkumar Maheta & Yigang Zhao
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Victor Snieckus
Project Year: