System Engineering Methodology for Implementation of Networked Aircraft Control Systems on Distributed Integrated Modular Architecture

The aerospace industry is experiencing a quiet revolution fueled by intense technology developments. Major engine improvements are coming to the market, composites and other advanced materials have now become mainstream. Ultimately the approach to any element of an aircraft is being challenged to deliver lower costs, reduce environmental impact, differentiate and increase the value of the end product: the aircraft.
In this context, the XDIMA project undertaken by Bombardier addresses a game changing opportunity for all aircraft control systems, along with a novel and complementary approach to complex systems design: Model Based Systems Engineering.
The proposed MITACS Cluster project and interns activities will contribute to enable Bombardier to address and manage the complexity of high level of integration and optimization through a real industrial case bringing the XDIMA technology to TRL5. The XDIMA project will train a pull of High Qualified Personals in Systems Integration in three major Engineering universities.

Japhet Honvo
Ahmed Bali
Elyeser Randrianandraina
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jerome Le Ny
Abdelouahed Gherbi
Guchuan Zhu
Partner University: