Systematic development of novel peptide-derived therapeutics for the inhibition of lysine-modifying enzymes for the treatment of cancer

Cancer will affect 2 in every 5 Canadians in their lifetime, with just over 25% representing new breast cancer diagnoses in women. Despite significant progress in the treatment of the most common cancer in women, resistance to chemotherapeutic agents remains a consistent obstacle in terms of the successful treatment of many types of breast cancers. The Mitacs-funded collaboration between NuvoBio and the Biggar lab at Carleton University is seeking to address this issue by systematically designing and developing peptide-based inhibitors that hold the promise as new therapeutics. This will be accomplished by using novel methods of peptide-based inhibitor development to efficiently design potential inhibitors that disrupt the function of critical proteins that are known to drive breast cancer progression.

Hemanta Adhikary;Valentina Lukinovic
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kyle Biggar
Partner University: