Technologies for Life Signs and Self-Harming Human Gestures, Actions and Behaviors Monitoring with Combined Physiological and Physical Indicators – Phase 2b

Suicide is one of the most important causes of deaths in the prison environment, both in Canada and internationally. Rates of attempts of suicide and self-harm have been on the rise in recent years. To address this problem, there is a real and immediate need for an automated, private, and effective monitoring system that can detect attempts of suicide and self-harm in real-time. This project aims to develop monitoring solutions by studying common behavioral patterns and assessing vital signs changes with multimodal sensing technologies and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms to detect gestures, actions or behaviors that can be classified as posing a threat to an incarcerated individual’s health and safety. Innovative, reliable and trusted solutions are designed for triggering alarms when potentially self-harming activities are detected in order to assist prisons’ personnel while ensuring the respect of individuals’ privacy and confidentiality.

Shengsong Yang;James Dickens;Haitao Tian;Ghazal Rouhafzay;Angel Josue Valencia Armijos
Faculty Supervisor: 
Pierre Payeur
Partner University: