Technology validation of the needle-free injector MED-JET H4 for vaccination

In adults, influenza vaccination is administered by intramuscular injection, a procedure that many people find painful and that some find frightening (ie: needle-phobia). Influenza vaccination is now encouraged or recommended for all Canadians. Every year, there is a large effort to vaccinate as many people as possible before the ‘flu season’. The urgency to vaccinate is even more acute in pandemics. Public health authorities are interested in ways to increase vaccine acceptance and delivery. One way to promote vaccine uptake and facilitate delivery would be needle-free injection. So-called Jet injectors could significantly reduce the time needed to immunize and might be more acceptable to those who fear needles. Several jet-injectors have been developed that can reliably deliver vaccines and there is every reason to believe they will be equally effective but cause less discomfort than needle-based delivery. TO BE CONT'D

Breana Hodgins
Janna Shapiro
Faculty Supervisor: 
Brian Ward
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