Temperature effects on geomaterials performance

The effects of temperature on the mechanical properties of geomaterials (e.g. soils, rocks) are important for the safety and life cycle of any infrastructures. The research activities in the field suggest that there is a lack of understanding due to limited experimental data. The seasonal climate change causes the variations in temperatures which may pose construction challenges. Extensive and systematic experimental studies will be conducted by the intern to address the stated temperature related problems. In this research, local geomaterials will be collected from various construction sites of Mumbai City. Thermal conductivity and strength properties of the materials will be determined under a range of temperatures. This data will be used to develop a regression model in future collaborations between these two research groups.

Pierre Desjardins
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sumi Siddiqua
Project Year: 
British Columbia
Partner University: 
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay