Testing, Validation and QA of Computer Vision Models Data Sets in a Novel SAAS Environment

The project is focused on advancing the capabilities in testing and validating computer vision models used in the field of artificial intelligence ( The project will focus o n researching current best practices in testing and evaluation of complex computer vision solutions used in AI. This will include researching the state of the art in computer vision model and data testing for computer vision, providing and implementing recommendations on capabilities currently not available with existing solutions, identifying specific testing, validation and QA use cases, working on further improvements, and recommending methods and approaches that would advance the state of the art in this field. This project is directly linked to the company’s SAAS product roadmap and will contribute to ensuring that best practices are incorporated within the Zetane solution for testing, evaluation and QA of complex AI solutions.

Zahra Golpayegani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nizar Bouguila
Partner University: