Textile-based Delivery System for Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy: Novel Electrodes and Compliant Conductors

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is an effective technology for the therapy of patients who suffer from physical impairment. To increase the effectiveness of FES and reduce the cost of hospitalization, a new design is required for the remote and long-term application of FES so that the patients can easily undergo FES during their daily life activities without the need of clinical assistance. The goal of this project is to develop a smart wearable technology for long-term and remote application of FES. This will be achieved through two objectives: (i) design and development of a novel electrode to be reusable and functional for a long time, and (ii) design and development of a textile-based medium for connecting electrodes inside the wearable system and delivery of electric signals. With the design of advanced electrodes and novel textile-based connections, a new wearable system can be achieved for a user-friendly, remote, and long-term application of FES.

Kirsten Schaefer
Faculty Supervisor: 
Milos Popovic
Partner University: