Textile Embedded Vital Health Signs Monitor – Upgrade Testing Equipment

The goal in medicine is prolong life and prevent disease before it spreads and becomes irreversible. There must be a way to easily self-monitor or to allow medical professionals to continuously remotely monitor high risk patients. The main vital signs that ideally should be constantly evaluated are pulse rate, respiration rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation levels and blood pressure. Other secondary figures that should be watched over are glucose levels, cholesterol levels among others. With our technology, patients' vital health signs will be monitored remotely, cutting a considerable portion of costs from inperson medical examinations and monitoring and thus bring about a disruptive technology to the biomedical testing and diagnostics sector. Besides, these devices allow health care personnel to control important physiological symptoms of their patients, evaluate them in real-time, and provide appropriate treatment conditions.

Alireza Ghasemi Ghodrat
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ghada Koleilat;Stephen Kuzak
Nova Scotia
Partner University: