Thermal microgrid: An integrated energy system with low carbon technologies

Shortening the difference between where energy is generated and where it is being used, the need for heavy-duty transmission infrastructure could be avoided to reduce the amount of energy lost along the way and eliminate the impact of grid failure. The proposed project, a thermal microgrid, can connect alternative generation, renewable generation, rejected or waste heat, and storage to simultaneously provide optimized heating and cooling services. The integrated system can substantially reduce the carbon footprint by creating a sustainable energy sharing network for local communities. The industry partner, GSS Integrated Energy, can utilize the learning from this project for broader application. Such as integrating multiple buildings to the microgrid to achieve energy resilience and a much higher level of efficiency by moving thermal energy where needed.

Arif Rabbani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Seyed Ali Ghoreishi-Madiseh
British Columbia
Partner University: