A Toolkit for Affordability Driven Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits Through Local Improvement Charge Programs

Climate change will cause increasing temperature fluctuations and longer heat waves. This will make home cooling essential, but adding and using cooling can be too expensive for low-income homeowners, including seniors. Incentive programs exist to help people make energy-efficient retrofits to their homes, but they can increase housing costs. This does not work for many low or fixed-income and senior households. The Affordable home energy retrofit toolkit demonstration will explore making energy-efficient retrofits affordable for more households. It will work within Toronto’s existing Home Energy Loan Program to provide innovative retrofits to low-income and senior households. This approach aims to reduce energy costs, improve health and safety, and allow seniors to age in place for longer.

Zahra (Shabnam) Edalat Nia
Faculty Supervisor: 
Runa Das
British Columbia
Partner University: