Towards Automation of 3D Visualization & Analysis of Workspace Collisions on Construction Jobsites

Workspace Interferences/Collisions happen on construction jobsites when multiple resources (labor, equipment, material, etc.) don’t have enough space to coexist at the same time and will interfere with each other’s operations. These interferences affect performance, delaying the project, impacting cost, and may jeopardize the buildings’ integrity and people’s safety on site. Most of existing models simulate resources as being deterministic. However, the behavior of the crew interfering is more chaotic. The chaos mainly emerges from the dependency of the interferences and their consequences on the human interactions among crew members and between different crews. 85% of the respondents of a published questionnaire entailed the necessity for modelling the propagating effects of interferences and considering workspaces as stochastic. Accordingly, the research for this internship will focus on: 1) identifying the sources of uncertainty in workspace modelling 2) Testing the sensitivity of existing workspace models towards discovered uncertainties 3) Modifying the existing evaluation methods to account for uncertainties

Abdelhady Hosny
Faculty Supervisor: 
Osama Moselhi
Mazdak Nik-Bakht
Project Year: