Towards the Commercialization of Perovskite Solar Cells

The project aims to design and fabricate high-performance perovskite solar cells for commercialization. Suitable fabrication methods will be employed for preparing perovskite solar cell samples in large-scale while characterizing both perovskite films and devices by utilizing a myriad of techniques. The characterization methods will provide better insight and invaluable date of the operation of perovskites and will help to mitigate the challenges of upscaling. The research collaboration between the partner organization (Solaires Enterprises Inc.) and UBC Okanagan will provide an excellent platform to commercialize perovskite solar cells, inspire and train students in photovoltaic technology, and promote renewable energy in Canada.

Elnaz Ghahremani Rad;Towhid Chowdhury
Faculty Supervisor: 
Alexander R Uhl
British Columbia
Partner University: