Towards Developing Trust in Online Third-Party Reporting Systems for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Over 600,000 sexual assault happen in Canada every year, however, 95% of sexual assault go unreported. We are working towards building a research-based online third-party reporting system that will aid the reporting of sexual assault. Survivors will now have the opportunity to document their evidence and experiences and submit the report at their own convenience. VESTA is committed to building research backed technology that draws on the principles of building technology for good. In all development of technology, we will consider the broader social context of our products and services, and make this consideration part of our ethos. This means, among other considerations, taking into account the privacy concerns of potential users. VESTA will benefit from the research by incorporating the findings in our product development.

Borke Obada-Obieh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Konstantin Beznosov
British Columbia
Partner University: